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About Us

I have a vision of flip flops.  Not just one pair, not a hundred pairs. Not the 10,000 pairs that reside in our workshop. Bigger, more, grander, national, global. 

My name is Crissi Whitaker. I am a single Mom, an entrepreneur. I have created  something special. It is more than just a pair of flip flops. It is unique and fabulous. My designs will adorn the feet of ladies and girls in epic proportions.  Everyone will know the brand Bow Flip Flops. 

This dream, this concept is so massive, it is larger than any space I have given it to occupy. It’s more than a dream – it’s a vision, it’s a passion, it’s a near punishing lifestyle of hard work and dedication.  It’s a certainty. 

Bow Flip Flops will leave a ‘Flip Flop Print’ on this world of fabulous and unique women and their daughters, nieces, brides to be, granddaughters and friends.  

I created Designs by Crissi & Bow Flip Flops nine years ago when my children were young , as an outlet for creativity and an idea that I could make some small difference in someone’s day.  The idea that I could make someone smile with something I made with my two hands was so powerful, it awed me.  

My circumstances changed several years ago and this little business I had created became a necessity to support my family. It had to succeed, I would not stop until it did.  I dedicated my life, my education, my mind, what business acumen I had and outlandish creativity and design to my business.  I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to do it BIG. 

What I created became much more than a craft. It became something special. Whether a client chooses a design we have created before, or designs something totally unique to her, when we create it for her – it is just for her.  We do not pull our finished products off a shelf, we hand make every single item in our studios. 

This started so small and has grown to a team of AMAZING women and flip flops that are made and shipped to every state in the USA  and worldwide to countries all over the globe.  

The Bow Flip Flops team is what makes this work. It is no longer just my vision, or just Crissi. That is what is so incredible about this – the intelligent, creative and talented women that have dedicated their working hours to this vision. Moms and wives and single Moms that want to grow their business minds and professional lives and provide for their families and to be part of something different.

I absolutely love to go to work every single morning.  I am truly blessed in this life in my family and in my career.   My vision may have started small, but it is no longer. And I give thanks to the most amazing customers and team and individuals in my life. 

So THANK YOU for helping my vision become a reality! And anytime you need us, we are here. To answer your questions, to hear your story and to create something fabulous for you. 

Crissi Whitaker    

Owner, Bow Flip Flops & Designs by Crissi LLC